Throat apparatus

Throat Apparatus is a queer technology to emphasize and draw attention to the uses of the throat.

A photograph documenting the artwork Throat Apparatus. The apparatus is a piece of pink, elastic fabric with hundreds of clear monofilament threads emerging from it like hair. This strip is worn tight as a collar, giving the effect of a cloud of hairs around the neck. It is pictured here on a mannequin.
Throat Apparatus, 2019. Cotton and spandex fabric, monofilament, EVA fabric glue, polyester thread, and zipper.

Throat Apparatus appeared in “Queer Craft,” University of Minnesota Morris, curated by Andrew Stansbury, 2019. Andrew requested that the artists submit manifestos for inclusion alongside the artworks. This brief manifesto accompanied the work:

Many have called, and many have answered the call for queer and trans screaming. The chorus is building resonance, and the urgency for this screaming grows. The need presents itself to raise awareness of our throats, one of the instruments of the scream, and to unify and de-alienate the uses of our throats. Our queerness touches the world in our throats through our singing, screaming, sucking, coughing, quaffing, and gorging. The throat is a focus point in the body for the power of queer and trans existence, and oppressive structures and mechanisms therefore benefit from low awareness of our throats and the queer activities of the throat. Let us use this part of ourselves to amplify the magic of our existence.